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Deploy Your Standalone Bitcoin & Whive Node & Miner Using Melanin Click Trustware Today!

Dive into the realm of cryptocurrencies seamlessly with Melanin Click Trustware, your all-in-one cryptocurrency assistant, is designed to run smoothly across Mac OS, Windows OS, & Linux OS, ensuring a universal, user-friendly experience for Web 3 Enthusiats interested in driving Distributed Energy applications.

Melanin Click Trustware

Jumpstart Your Journey: Download the dedicated executable for your OS using the links below:


Key Features

  • Install Interface:

Provides options to install Whive and Bitcoin, with system storage checks for Bitcoin installation.

  • Run Software:

Buttons to execute Whive or Bitcoin are activated post-installation.

  • Activity Log:

Real-time log of software activities, like installation and execution steps.

  • Exit Option:

A “Quit” button becomes available after any installation is completed.

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